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s11n.net RSS feeds

As of late May, 2005, this this site offers several RSS feeds to aid users in keeping up with s11n.net developments without having to come back to the site or subscribe to mailing lists to get it.

Our list of RSS feeds is below. The links in this list are to XML documents containing RSS content. The content fed from this site uses RSS 2.0, but we can make no guarantees about the formats fed via, for example, SourceForge: they may be RSS 0.9 feeds.

The feeds:
  • General news: General announcements and info. Replaces the older HTML-based news page.
  • ChangeLog: A very informal list of notable changes to s11n. Announcements of new features will normally first be posted here.
  • Contributors: The ever-growing list of s11n contributors.
  • SourceForge: file releases: File release info from the SourceForge release system. Releases will also be announced via the News feed.
  • SourceForge: project summary: Overview of "project stats", as published by SourceForge. Updated quite often and not terribly useful except for project admins watching for bug posts.

If your RSS reader supports OPML files ("outlines") then you can fetch all of the above feeds by importing this single file: s11n.net-feeds.opml

It is not anticipated that any of the s11n.net-published feeds will be updated often enough to be an annoyance to feed listeners. The very most would probably be intermittent days when several changes are posted to the ChangeLog.