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Donating to s11n.net

Such an unpleasant topic, but...

This project currently costs around 60€ per month to keep online, not including the indirect costs associated with writing and maintaining code and the web site. As one might expect, this cost comes straight out of my pocket (and has since the domain was set up in late 2003).

Since the end of 2006 my hobby time and budget have been impacted by the ongoing efforts and costs involving cancer. These costs cut directly into my "hobby budget", such as the money used to fund this project, and unforuntately (but understandably) have a higher priority than my hobbies. That is, my insurance gets paid before this web site gets paid for.

So... the point is...

To help keep this project going... if you use code from this project, please consider donating any amount of money. Every dollar/euro is very much appreciated and will go directly to funding the continued online presence of this project. Donating is as simple as clicking the following button and using either your PayPal account or a credit card:

And to quote Bill Murray's character from Ghostbusters, "no fee is too big!" ;)

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

----- stephan beal