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s11n.net downloads

General notes about the downloads:
  • libs11n is mirrored via Sourceforge's world-wide mirroring system. If you are downloading from outside of central Europe please try the SourceForge download sites (s11n.net is hosted in Germany).
  • Some software is released with the release data as the version number. In these cases, the date part of the tarball's name, in YYYY.MM.DD format, is always "the latest release."
  • Feel free to feed back on any of this code: all feedback is read and considered, and suggestions/patches are almost always integrated. Please send email to the maintainer (please do not use the old mailing list, as it was overrun by spambots years ago).
  • Every now and then older software is removed from this page. If you need it for some reason, try looking here. If you still cannot find it, trying contacting the maintainer.

PGP Keys/Signatures

Source distributions on this site are now signed with a PGP key. These have a .sig file listed along with the .bz2 or .gz file. The signature files can be verified against this public key:
Alternately, grab key 0x93DA9E0B from your favourite keyserver.

Users of gpg, and possibly other command-line PGP tools, can verify the signature by placing the .bz2/.gz file and the .sig file in the same directory and using a command like:
stephan@owl:~/> gpg --verify libs11n-1.1.2-dev.tar.bz2.sig
gpg: Signature made Tue 28 Jun 2005 11:26:40 PM CEST using DSA key ID 93DA9E0B
gpg: Good signature from "s11n.net (for signing s11n.net downloads) <stephan@s11n.net>"

Users of non-GNU platforms: you'll want the "nobuildfiles" zip files. These source trees come without build files and with all normally-generated files pre-generated. They are suitable for use in arbitrary build environments like MSVC or GNU Autotools, and can be copied directly in to existing project trees with very little effort. They come with a set of READMEs and a Makefile which demonstrates which source files belong to which parts of the library. Please read in the included READMEs and INSTALL files for information on building it and enabling platform-specific features, like loading DLLs.

FreeBSD users: you can find a port of libs11n here:

s11n 1.3.x source code

1.3.x is a development/unstable branch. If you don't like that idea, use 1.2.x, listed below.
The "complete" build tree (for GNU platforms):
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Sources for non-GNU platforms:
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s11n 1.3.x precompiled binaries

You can find precompiled Debian (.deb) packages for some platforms via our APT repository: http://apt.s11n.net/.

Contributions of precompiled binaries for any platforms are always welcomed. (As is access to machines where we can generate packages!)

s11n 1.2.x source code

These tarballs contain everything needed to build s11n 1.2 on platforms hosting GNU versions of all the standard build tools. It comes with sample applications and the documentation in its original format (<=1.2.0 LyX, >=1.2.1 OpenDocument). The zfstream lib is optionally supported by these releases but it is not required.
The "complete" build tree (for GNU platforms):
Filename PGP Size (bytes)

Sources for non-GNU platforms:

Ebuild files for Gentoo Linux:
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s11n 1.2.x precompiled binaries

Submissions of precompiled binaries are always welcomed.

Debian packages for some *buntu versions are sometimes available via apt.s11n.net.

s11n library manual

The library manual comes with the s11n source code in its original format (<=1.2.0 LyX, >=1.2.1 OpenDocument). Here you can download both the originals and PDF copies. Note that the PDFs, for unknown reasons, often look HORRIBLE in Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0. If this appears to be the case on your machine, please try gv, kgv, or similar, to read them (and make sure that anti-aliasing is turned on!). As of 1.2.1, HTML versions are no longer shipped because OpenOffice's export to HTML provides very poor results with this document.

Note that the library is not updated every time a release is made because releases are typically (the past few years, anyway) portability fixes and things which do not affect usage of the library.
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s11n API documentation

These tarballs include doxygen-generated HTML versions of the s11n API documentation. The "-with-charts" files include extra charts and graphics generated by doxygen.
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s11n porting guide

This document is intended to ease the process of porting libs11n to non-GNU/Linux platforms and to assist those wanting to integrate libs11n directly into their own project's source tree, regardless of the platform.
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An add-on application for browsing s11n-saved data files. Requires Qt 3 (only tested with 3.3) and s11n. Releases 2005.11.25 and newer require s11n 1.2.0+.
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The sqlite3_serializer plugin can save and load to and from sqlite3 databases.
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Non-serialization libs

All libraries below this line are not directly related to s11n, but are made available via this project for various reasons, most of them "historical" in nature.


This download has moved.


A class for serving monostate-like objects which are shared within a specific context. Get more information about it here and on the papers page (which contains a long article discussing the birth (as it were) of this class).
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