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What people have said about s11n:

(well, some of the nice things, anyway ;)

As s11n's author, i obviously have a lot to say about the library. That's all fine and good, but what really counts is what other people have to say about it...
  • Rob Stoddard says: "I was starting to think that the OO crowd was hopeless, but S11n offers a good deal more than a shred of hope."
  • Tero Laitinen, author of LiteSQL, writes, "s11n seems to (de)serialize just about everything and to/from anything. This genericity allows a huge range of uses."
  • Roger Leigh, a coder on the Gimp printer plugins project, writes, regarding class_loader:
    "... it's a great idea ... relying on object construction at module load time to do the registration is a (really cool!) hack..."
  • Ton Oguara, a student at the University of Birmingham (UK), writes: "I am working on a project that requires serialization of STL Objects, User-defined Type Objects and deeply nested objects ... I browsed through the net and discovered [s11n] ... You ROCK ... [s11n] is the only non-client and non-intrusive on client code C++ serialization library I have ever seen."
    (The unfortunate part is, Ton was commenting on 0.6.x, which was utter, useless crap compared to 0.9+.)
  • Gary Boone, who got a preview of 0.7.0 before it came out, flatters me with: "Your progress is AMAZING!!! ... So you can see why I'm excited about what you're working on... In fact, if I hadn't found s11nlite, I would have given up by now on serialization. There was no way I was going to override << for everything in my system."
    Gary also writes:
    "Dude, it works!! That's amazing! That's huge, allowing you to code serialization into your projects without even touching other people's code in distributed projects. It means you can experiment with the library without having to hack/unhack your primary codebase."
  • Max Hofer, from Austria, writes: "i will keep a close eye on the library. the functionality is amazing. keep up with your good work."
  • Paul Balomiri, from Vienna, Austria, brings up an interesting point about the small number of messages in the s11n-devel mailing list:
    "...your project *is* ... of mainstream interest and has also the quality to serve mainstream. ... (I almost skipped your project because you are the sender of >90% of the messages in the archive. - and it would have cost me weeks of work :))"
    Paul also writes this funny note:
    "... I didn't trust you on the point about understanding s11lite first (don't ask why, it was a mistake anyway)."
  • Keven Weber says:
    "I got both s11n and xparam working but prefer s11n. For my simple requirements I found s11n simpler, easier (eventually) and less intrusive."
    (There's a long background story to that "eventually" part...)
  • "Ashran", author of the Hackersquest Everquest emulator:
    "Dude, you should try to make some money with that."
  • Rob "Boppin' Bob" Huwar, from Houston, Texas:
    "The fred mascot rocks, send my kudos to Fabio."
  • Peter Angerani, my long-time friend and mentor, from Austin, Texas, comments about the "Context Singletons" paper:
    "The coverage is excellent... but you need to run it through a spell checker."
  • My mother says, about the library manual:
    "I know nothing - repeat NOTHING - about C++, yet the documentation is clear and understandable! It is a work of art!"
My heartfelt thanks to those of you who have taken the time to feed back your thoughts on s11n!